We Are Cold

It's cold in Siberia again, so this song's title can describe what we feel now. First single by new Echotourist's artist Coldleap is available for free on our bandcamp page!



Dropbox #4 and summer comes again...

Размораживаем блог, публикацией треков , которые вы, наши уважаемые любители эха, прислали в наш дропбокс.
Defrost blog publications with tracks that you, our dear  echo-fans have dropped..
Most tracks came from Arktor. It seems to be an album coming soon.


Kobko - Pale blue EP

Kobko, like all the rest of Berdsk guys continues the best traditions, namely, to make a deep and atmospheric sound. It is a deep techno work with the future garage influence in its ambient tension. In the mix we've got everything we love: detached, ethereal and heavy reverb