Greetings from Albion. Inspired by Siberia.

Anni Hogan - a participant of Marc and the Mambas which founded by Marc Almond and closely connected with Soft Cell.
Siberia is a collection of compositions intended for the
imaginary undiscovered lost scenes from the films of the great masters of European cinema. We selected 11 directors in all. The directors we chose; Tarkovsky, Parajanov, Kieślowski, Tarr, Bresson, Sokurov, Troell, Buñuel, Leone, Bergman and Pasolini. The intention is that the listener will match the track to the film they feel the music is best suited too, and will then fill in the narrative of the lost scene using the composition to evoke their storyline. You can place this lost scene, wherever you like in the film. It is your imagination; use it. Indeed you are free to select another 11 Directors of your own choice, should you so wish. Or just play it without thought. If that is possible?
Thank you for your attention to our local movement, Anni.



We Are Cold

It's cold in Siberia again, so this song's title can describe what we feel now. First single by new Echotourist's artist Coldleap is available for free on our bandcamp page!



Dropbox #4 and summer comes again...

Размораживаем блог, публикацией треков , которые вы, наши уважаемые любители эха, прислали в наш дропбокс.
Defrost blog publications with tracks that you, our dear  echo-fans have dropped..
Most tracks came from Arktor. It seems to be an album coming soon.


Kobko - Pale blue EP

Kobko, like all the rest of Berdsk guys continues the best traditions, namely, to make a deep and atmospheric sound. It is a deep techno work with the future garage influence in its ambient tension. In the mix we've got everything we love: detached, ethereal and heavy reverb


Alfa & Beta (A & B)

where A - is Arktor
and B - Bisamråtta
Congratulate both with their excellent work.

Here on LP they are collaborate together:

full version you can buy directly from Arktor's bandcamp

And here:

The author would like to express his gratitude to Egor Klochikhin and Artyom Kitikov, without whom this material simply could not be recorded. Researching of human inner worlds and experience and comprehension of emotions that are born in there...


Some news from all around the World

Let's sail on the soundwaves to the Scotland with Holobeams and his new EP. Music of this guy speaks for itself.

and then jump to Colorado.  
The EP mines a wonderfully rich seam of atmospheric yet epic songcraft that Kramies has made his own. From the throbbing ambient introduction of ‘The Beginning’ through to the delicate folk of ‘The Ending’, Kramies’ new EP covers vast emotional and musical terrain during its 23-minute run-time. The title track’s windswept grandeur is married to an emotional directness that demands your attention and doesn’t let go, ‘Sea Otter Cottage’ sways and swoons with an almost unbearable poignancy, and ‘Clocks Were All Broken’ both alludes to and embodies this music’s timeless appeal.

after trip come back home with this pretty pleasurable band from Spb.

to be continued... see ya on ECHOTOURIZM