FPRF, Space Holiday Rocks, Dyad @ Agarta (september 11/2010)

This echotouristic fall starts with lots of new tunes! First: Space Holiday Rocks with new EP, then FPRF with new single for upcoming fulllength! And after that releases from Dyad, Whipray and Patience!

FPRF, Dyad and Space Holiday Rocks gonna show you something new on september 11 at Agarta cafe (Novosibirsk)



Hype Hop live session

Echobrothers are proud to present you new formation
small party for friends at Cardamon cafe (Novosibirsk)

august 27, start at 19:00, enter:free

Ждем всех в гости в кафе Кардамон, по адресу улица Чаплыгина , 39
27. 08.2010 в 19:00
Внимание! Вход свободный, поэтому всем желающим просьба заказывать места заранее.

Whipray (echotourist/ abstract hip-hop, lo-fi, wonky)
Psee (echotourist/ downtempo, dubtronica)
Eon None (indie hip-hop, abstract, soul, funky)

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