Public Transport over Atlantic Ocean

Bar Harbor
Hey. We have already appeared on the news of the upcoming compilation. This is not about that, but now the promised interview with overseas friends. The first our acquaintance with the project Public Transport started from the Psee's mix. There are two tracks: "Mondlicht" and "Up All Night". A year later, already watching the Duncan (sole author and participant), we could not ignore his new work, and also invited to provide us with one of his tracks for our upcoming compilation. So meet a guy from Atlantic Coast - Public Transport (Bar Harbor, ME, US)  
- How did you start making music?
 My first experience writing music was with ModPlug Tracker back in 1999. It had a really steep learning curve, but the cool thing was that tracker music is shared as a project file, so I was able to look inside songs I liked and figure out how they'd done things- I learned a lot of music theory that way. Netpoet's drum n' bass track "Peachy" is still one of my favorites from back then- the tracker scene was definitely a big influence for me in my formative years.  
- What are your biggest musical influences?
 Wow, where should I start? I've always liked Boards of Canada- I can put "Geogaddi" on, close my eyes, and have the sound textures set off all these colors in my head. They've definitely been an influence in terms of how I build soundscapes- we share a lot in terms of fuzzy, synaesthetic sounds. Apart from that, Ulrich Schnauss has been a huge influence- "A Strangely Isolated Place" really struck a chord with me when I first heard it back in 2004, and I think its combination of melancholy and happiness really resonated with what it's like to live in Maine.

 - What software and/or hardware do you use for music production?
 I use my home PC with FL Studio to host a variety of VST instruments- Green Oak's freeware Crystal synth has been a major part of my sound, as well as various Moog and Juno softsynths for pads and such. I've been building a sample library for about 12 years now, which comes in handy at times when I need the right snare drum or ambient noise.

- How do you promote your work?
 Maine doesn't have a very big population, so there really isn't a critical mass of like- minded people here that would support playing live shows. I actually reach most of my audience through the Internet! So far, I've released two EPs online, one independently and one through the Swedish 23seconds Netlabel. I also reach a lot of people through Soundcloud- my account just hit 11,000 plays. A lot of the time it's because I've been linked by a blog- It's really nice to go online and see some blogger in France has written a bunch of nice stuff about your latest release. Currently, I'm remastering and working on new material for a full-length album- I'd like to do a physical release, so right now I'm researching labels!
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