Whipray's experiments with other stuff

Whipray presents

The Other's stuff experiments - compilation of mixed or reworked tracks.

All tracks written by Minereed based on the original Space Holiday Rocks (My Owl, Time to See) and Japanese Ash (Ashes). This records shows the Whipray as good remix producer and demonstrates its sound in full scale

Ну и если быть кратким то этот релиз представляет собой такую оффлайн коллаборацию Whipray с уже знакомыми проектами нашего комьюнити. Во что все вылилось в итоге оценивать уже вам.

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Secrets To Share by dyad

We are back with news from our superproductive community!
Dyad's new EP is out now! It's totally DIY and free!
You can download it here

And this is not the last releas from our members for the 2010!
More news soon!