Alfa & Beta (A & B)

where A - is Arktor
and B - Bisamråtta
Congratulate both with their excellent work.

Here on LP they are collaborate together:

full version you can buy directly from Arktor's bandcamp

And here:

The author would like to express his gratitude to Egor Klochikhin and Artyom Kitikov, without whom this material simply could not be recorded. Researching of human inner worlds and experience and comprehension of emotions that are born in there...


Some news from all around the World

Let's sail on the soundwaves to the Scotland with Holobeams and his new EP. Music of this guy speaks for itself.

and then jump to Colorado.  
The EP mines a wonderfully rich seam of atmospheric yet epic songcraft that Kramies has made his own. From the throbbing ambient introduction of ‘The Beginning’ through to the delicate folk of ‘The Ending’, Kramies’ new EP covers vast emotional and musical terrain during its 23-minute run-time. The title track’s windswept grandeur is married to an emotional directness that demands your attention and doesn’t let go, ‘Sea Otter Cottage’ sways and swoons with an almost unbearable poignancy, and ‘Clocks Were All Broken’ both alludes to and embodies this music’s timeless appeal.

after trip come back home with this pretty pleasurable band from Spb.

to be continued... see ya on ECHOTOURIZM


Bisamråtta (LP)

We glad to introduce long play of our boy Bisamråtta
Bisamråtta (LP) by Bisamråtta
Bisamråtta’s self-titled LP (VULP-0048) follows up his solo EP released last year on Vulpiano Records. Bisamråtta (Vlad Luchansky, Russia) has a style that is subtle and sweet in the ambient caresses and static that travel in and out of your ear while listening…Some songs are more floating and difficult to grasp, though no less pleasing, than others: for example, the transition between the pleasantly drifting opener “Lunga Blockera” and the more rhythmically driven “Hud Uppfatta” is striking.
Electronics, atmospheric noise and sung or spoken snippets, and guitar are all used to great effect onBisamråtta. Luchansky has here crafted another beautiful work that rings loud — and, importantly soft — of the natural world, the body (note the song titles and cover art, and emotion.
Download or stream on Internet Archive, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud below. The Bandcamp version allows you to pay-what-you-want and the Soundcloud version is non-downloadable and contains the tape cassette version of the mix, including specially crossfaded tracks and a little bonus. The physical cassette release is coming soon!
- See more at: http://vulpianorecords.com/#sthash.9ySm0wNk.dpuf
snatch it as file or do a preorder of tape version


Echochorus - Sima

Hello today another one Baltic trip. A long time ago we find this guy in our soundcloud with very deep (as we love) and vibey mixtape. Later its turned out that he had has long been engaged music and collects Soviet analog synthesizers. Welcome he is Echochorus and his maxi single/ep "Sima"

Kirils Lomunovs aka Echochorus. Expert sound designer and controllerist has been featured as a key figure of the Latvian electronic music scene for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic, ambient and techno music of the past years. In 1996 started improvisation on the old soviet synthesizers and effects, since 2001 experimented with stylistics of minimal and dub techno. As a Kriipis Tulo was involved in such experimental electronic music events as Jazz Giants:Past/Present Riga (2001), Sound Forest - festival of avant-garde music and video art (2003-2005) and also Pan Sonic (2002), Yoshio Machida (2003) and Phill Niblock (2004) live performances. In collaboration with Voldemars Johansons worked for an audio installation "Gaismas pils", inspired by the project of the Latvian New National Library of the same name and presented it on the Architectural biennial NEXT (Venice) and KIMAF 2002 (Kiev). In 2002 completed an EP entitled Ujuja (in Estonian means “swimming”).

At October 2004 participated @ MOKS Media Art Symposium in Estonia. In autumn 2005 created original soundtrack music for video installation "Exposed Paintings" for exhibition of one of the most popular Latvian painters Ritums Ivanovs. In 2005 as sound producer worked on a short film "Alise" (Director Asnate Ribena). In 2004-2006 as Kriipis Tulo collaborating with Luis Ortiz for remix projects on Sinergy-Networks . In 2006 founded Astrowind project and presented new soundtrack to the “Dreamers” – a new exhibition of Ritums Ivanovs in spring 2008. Astrowind released several significant albums which declared forward-loocking style – paleopsychedelic ambient. Essential Astrowind’s album “Kaidanovsky” published in Italy in 2012. Astrowind is a key line and the project simultaneous with Echochorus activities managed by same person. From 2008 started performing as a DJ.


FACDUB - ≈SWIM≈ (Video)

Hello. There is some summer footages by Space Holiday Rocks and his project FACDUB.
Take a part of this one walk.

P.S. Dude on bicycle also widely known as Mack, tattoo and graffiti artist


Summer (!?) has come

Hello folks. With some delay we glad to introduce to you some tunes from dropbox. Yea, and the summer has come. It is cold in Siberia but we hope for changes.
Today we share last 5 tracks

You can also send us your any work related to all that can be found here.
Send us your sounds



7th June at Køpen with live sets are waiting for you:
7го июня в Копене с лайв сетами ваc ждут:

Heatherwood -скандинавский дримпоп перетекающий в синтетические прямые ритмы.

Space Holiday Rocks - пространственный психотропикал сочетающийся с гэридж музыкой

ALL BLX - kak disko pod vodoĭ ili dali - daleko v lesu techet cherez zemlyu cherez polya©

Valentune - DJ set сменяющихся звуков музыки из обширной коллекции винила хорошего друга.

Køpen Bar @ vk

Free enter.
Вход свободный.


SayVj listens to Echotourist

There are some video snippets recorded at our birthday event. Special thanks for all who helped this to happen. Visuals by VJ Asky [SayVJ]



as well in the near future there will be an event's full video report.


Birthday Celebration

It is 3 years have passed since we've take name "Echotourist" and made this blog. Our birthday party is a result of long hard way and expirience which still continues. Now we comes with Siberian United Visuals.Thanks for, you all readers! Be sure your attention is realy important like a power supply for our wearly electronic devices. See ya on the show!

2 Days Audio Visual Festival
event links:
                          Day 1@vk                                                                  Day 2@vk


Space Holiday Rocks - Øрёл

Hey! Today Space Holiday Rocks prepared a bit of music from his groovebox.

Our St. Petersburg based participant has arrived yesterday. You can also watch him on upcoming FPRF gigs.


Arktor - Cotton Mather Estates

Today we glad to introduce our regular echoguest and participant - Arktor. Living in Krasnoyarsk, Dima transmits ambient reality of mountain landscape through his music. And from these records it blows cold. It was a long time ago since Arktor (not as Arktor but under other various nicknames) was a hip-hop boy and sometimes rapped. Now there is no longer almost nothing from this music.

Title of album taken from Clans of the Alphane Moon a science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick.

"The Deps are suffering from clinical depression. Their representative to the supreme council is Dino Watters and the name of their town is Cotton Mather Estates, where they live "in endless dark gloom.”

Cold and darkness - most appropriate definitions for the album. But all the sound on the album sounds warm and lightly saturated (sometimes not lightly but heavily), and will certainly please those who prefer a warm tube sound :) Also this is first album which Arktor produce selfishly.

Arktor: " As for me not that much of a music depression actually. Just like how it sounds. I use tag "drowntempo" to describe my last works."

Side A                               Side B



... So we did it. Thanks to all who participated and helped in our common work.

Also check out a small review at Big Echo (RU)


[ E C H T 2 0 1 3 ]

Hi there. So we've passed year since last post. Welcome to 2013! Wish you luck and happiness. We're celebrating too much. And it means that we've got some special for all of you. Our compilation is coming very very soon. Now you can check how it will be.