Sunrise in Glasgow

Примерно в конце прошлого лета к нам пришло письмо от некоего Iain Foxwell пришло письмо с кратким описанием того, что он близок к нам по духу, а также ссылкой на его soundcloud. Год назад в силу многих обстоятельств мы не смогли написать о чем рефлексирует молодой шотландец в своих короткометражных звуковых зарисовках. Для дружественного блога Iain уже успел записать гостевой микс. Но напор и рвение быть услышанным все же подтолкнули нас к небольшому диалогу с проектом Holobeams & Broken Mashines. Текст публикуется на оригинальном языке.

- Hello Iain, we would like to have a few words from you about your recent tracks and the project Holobeams. We are interested what equipment was used, and tell us some about Glasgow?

My recent tracks were created as a small 2 track release called Clouds/Sunrise. They are really a further progression from my previous 2 e.p's. I am very influenced from all music but for this project specifically bands like Boards of Canada, Com Truise, Washed Out and many others. Recently i really enjoyed the Drive soundtrack which has subsequently influenced my music. I am generally looking to create a dream like, and uplifting vibe if possible with Holobeams & Broken Machines music.

I wrote the music on Ableton but employed many VST's to try and add a lofi, old school tape type effect. I use a lot of synths (Moog, Native Instruments FM8, impOSCar) which lends itself to the older styles more. I have many old hardware synths like the Juno 106 but have not used them recently as the Ableton and Vst's offer much easier creative workflow i feel.

Glasgow is actually an amazing city for electronic artists and Scotland in general has produced some big players (Most notably Boards of Canada, Rustie, Hudson Mohawke). If you are looking for some cool up and coming Glasgwegian electronic artists check out guys like Grobbie, Cur$es, Barrientos, MermaidS. In fact there is a blog called  http://www.synthglasgow.com which always showcases the best in Glasgow & Scotland. Check it out if you can.

P.S. Oh yeah, for drums i like to use a lot of Roland 707's 808's.