Arktor - Cotton Mather Estates

Today we glad to introduce our regular echoguest and participant - Arktor. Living in Krasnoyarsk, Dima transmits ambient reality of mountain landscape through his music. And from these records it blows cold. It was a long time ago since Arktor (not as Arktor but under other various nicknames) was a hip-hop boy and sometimes rapped. Now there is no longer almost nothing from this music.

Title of album taken from Clans of the Alphane Moon a science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick.

"The Deps are suffering from clinical depression. Their representative to the supreme council is Dino Watters and the name of their town is Cotton Mather Estates, where they live "in endless dark gloom.”

Cold and darkness - most appropriate definitions for the album. But all the sound on the album sounds warm and lightly saturated (sometimes not lightly but heavily), and will certainly please those who prefer a warm tube sound :) Also this is first album which Arktor produce selfishly.

Arktor: " As for me not that much of a music depression actually. Just like how it sounds. I use tag "drowntempo" to describe my last works."

Side A                               Side B